Utica Memorial Auditorium

Utica Memorial Auditorium

In 2011, The Utica Memorial Auditorium was designated as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers in recognition of its innovative cable suspended roof. The Aud is the world’s first pre-stressed dual cable roof system. Architect Lev Zetlin's design used struts between the cables and was the predecessor to the many modern dome designs that we see today, including Madison Square Garden. Performers like The Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen, ZZ Top, Godsmack, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold with Buckcherry played at the Aud. Also The Aud is the venue to Monster Trucks, circuses, Harlem Globetrotters, college and high school hockey, year after year. Even Hollywood came calling when scenes from the movie SlapShot, starring Paul Newman, were filmed here in Utica.

Stanley Theater

The Stanley

Originally built to be a movie palace, The Stanley opened on September 10, 1928 with 2,963 seats. Constructed in just 13 months, it was designed by famous architect Thomas Lamb, who is considered one of the foremost designers of theaters and cinemas in the 20th century.
Today, The Stanley is host to shows presented by the Broadway Theatre League of Utica, Munson Williams Proctor Great Artists Series, and the Utica Symphony Orchestra as well as several promoters. Recent acts include Tony Bennett, Jerry Seinfeld, Jackson Browne, the Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day’s American Idiot and Shrek: The Musical.

F.X. Matt Brewing Company - Saranac Brewery


F.X. Matt Brewing Company is an American family-owned brewery. It is the second oldest family-owned brewery in the United States, as it has been brewing beer since 1853. Its most popular product is the Saranac line of beers. Saranac also sells assorted beers in twelve packs including the famous 12 Beers of Winter (formally known as Twelve Beers of Christmas). They also produce the first beer officially sold after Prohibition, Utica Club, and soft drinks such as root beer and ginger beer. The Saranac line of beers like Adirondack Lager, Pale Ale and Imperial Stout have won awards.

Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute

Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute

Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute is a fine arts center dedicated to serving diverse audiences by advancing the appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of the arts. The art institute aims to promote interest and participation in the arts and stimulate artistic self-expression and personal creativity.


Utica Zoo

The Utica Zoo has served the region for over 100 years. Located in Roscoe-Conkling Park, the zoo is part of a recreational complex made possible by the donation of land from Thomas R. Proctor in 1909. He had a dream that a park could do as much for South Utica as Central Park was doing for New York City. He hired a famous landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmstead, who had designed Central Park, to plan the roads and scenic walkways in Roscoe Conkling Park. The Zoo has grown from its small beginnings with three fallow deer in 1914, to its present collection of over 200 animals. Of the 80 acres of land set aside for the zoo’s use, 40 are presently developed.

Children's Museum of History, Science, and Technology

Children's Museum

The Museum is a hands-on learning center with emphasis on local history, environmental science, the arts, and space science. Our Educational Enrichment Programs enhance learning for children of all ages. Four floors encompassing a total of 24,000 square feet of exhibition space, the Museum is located in the former Hieber Dry Goods Building at 311 Main Street, Utica. Exhibitions include Playspace, a unique larger than life wooden train activity center for children age 5 and younger.

Boilermaker Road Race

Boilermaker Road Race

The 15K road race began with just over 800 runners. Today, the Boilermaker 15K road race hosts over 17,000 runners per year. In 1983, renowned distance runner, Bill Rodgers, not only participated but won the race with a time of 44:38. Rodgers elevated the race by bringing both national exposure and credibility to the event. Since then, the Boilermaker has attracted elite runners from all over the world, including Olympians and world record holders. In fact, the Boilermaker has been named by the Analytical Distance Runner as the most competitive 15K road race in the world. It has grown to include fitness and special events, such as a 5K Race, a 3 Mile Walk, a Kids' Run, an Invitational Mile, Youth Olympics, a Health and Fitness Expo, and more.

Oneida County Historical Society

Oneida County Historical Society

The Oneida County Historical Society was founded in 1876 and has served since that time to collect, preserve and make accessible the past heritage of Oneida County and the upper Mohawk River Valley. Services center around, a research library, museum exhibit area, weekly programs featuring guest artists, authors and historians and a bookstore. The Society cares for a growing collection of over 250,000 documents and books, tens of thousands of images (photographs, paintings, slides, drawings, etc.) and thousands of artifacts. Many are rare collection items that provide invaluable information for researchers. The Society has free high-speed Internet connections available in our research library.

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