Press Release - December 27, 2016

TO: All Local Media Outlets
FR: Utica Tower Foundation
RE: Additional Lighting Coming To Utica Landmark Tower

Utica, NY – Travelers heading toward Utica from the south will soon be welcomed by the new seven-foot tall letters spelling “UTICA” that are being added to the southern side of the Utica Landmark Tower. The existing signage currently faces only north, east and west.

Fabrication of the new lighting and design enhancements to the lighting control system are currently in process, and will be operational soon as the weather allows crews to access the structure with a crane. Travelers may notice some minor disruptions in the Tower’s current lighting while the project is being completed.

Since its dedication in 2013, the 125 foot-tall, LED lighted structure has quickly become a “traveler’s landmark” for the hundreds of thousands of motorists who annually drive through and around the greater Utica area. Utica Tower Foundation Managing Director, Richard Lamb, said the enhancements result largely from analytics derived from the Tower’s website,

“We concluded that approximately 20% of the Tower’s viewers are coming toward Utica from the southern routes, and that about 43% its viewers were searching “Utica Tower” from mobile devices – presumably travelers.” The positive response to the Tower has been “enormous,” added Lamb, citing that some 11% of travelers expressing interest in the Tower’s website have originated all the way from New York City to Buffalo.

The Utica Landmark Tower was conceived and fully funded by Utica native Frank Giotto, President of Giotto Enterprises, the parent organization of Fiber Instrument Sales, as a means of symbolizing the vibrant goodwill and generosity of Utica-area residents and businesses. More information about the Tower and the Utica Landmark Tower Foundation can be found at