November 25, 2019
Utica, NY

Dear Mohawk Valley Citizens,

The Board of Directors of the Utica Landmark Tower Corporation have elected to decommission and turn off the Tower. The seven foot red letters “UTICA” mounted on the 125 foot tower in North Utica will be removed. Since the installation in 2014, millions of travelers marked the Tower as a destination point and a point of pride in our community. It is now to go dark with plans for its removal by year’s end.

Senator Joseph Griffo successfully coordinated the efforts of the City of Utica, the New York State Canal Corporation, the New York State Thruway Authority, Oneida County and the DEC enabling the Tower’s construction. Construction costs were donated by local businessman Frank Giotto to erect the Tower. The Board of Directors of the Utica Landmark Tower have paid for all operating expenses and maintenance of the Tower to date.

Operational activities of all parties involved remained cooperative until the two-time entry of an individual who cut through the ten foot, barbed wire topped fence to climb to the top of the Tower in 2019. The incidents required first responders at considerable expense, as well as a costly crane. The crane disturbed the top layer of soil near the Tower, of which lower layers of the soil are considered contaminated.

All partied involved are now concerned about financial responsibilities and future liabilities. The Utica Landmark Tower Corporation is not in a position, nor do they have the desire to compete with the may bureaucratic institutions involved. Thus far, many issues have been identified and have yet to be resolved from the climbing incidents.

The Tower stands tall and is strong, capable of serving many more decades. It is with heavy hearts that decommissioning and removing the Tower will take place.

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