How YOU can help

The Utica Tower symbolizes the generosity and giving spirit of the people of the greater Utica region. It represents the desire of local business leaders to give back to the region, and it serves as a constant reminder that we all should follow in this charity spirit when it lights up the Utica skyline each night.

Local business leaders and community members have been accomplishing this by working alongside non-profit organizations and charities in our region to give back to the Utica area. You can help too!

One local business leader, Mr. Frank Giotto, has made a generous pledge of one-hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) to be made over a ten-year period to local organizations. His mission is to provide assistance to needy children in the Utica area and hopes that this commitment will have a lasting impact on the lives of our local children.

You too can join him in that mission to help children.

If you are aware of a child in need of assistance- whether it be a winter coat, a new backpack, school supplies, or even transportation to a doctor’s appointment- simply complete and submit the Giving Spirit Application.

If the application is approved, a donation may be made to that child through a chosen nonprofit charitable organization or community partner.

Encourage others to lend a helping hand by spreading the word throughout your churches, schools, and community organizations. There are children throughout the Utica area that need help, and you can assist by recommending worthy recipients.

Those children you help will remember your act of kindness for years to come, and you will feel great knowing that you were able to assist those in our own backyard who are in need of help.

Together, we will continue making the greater Utica region a great place for our children to live.

Check the Utica Tower website often to learn more about the Utica Tower and the giving spirit it represents.